Shipping methods


Our products are shipped with cooperating transport companies and courier companies throughout Greece.

More specifically:

Transfers within the physical borders of Greece are made through a cooperating transport company or courier.

In inaccessible areas, the products are transported to the nearest branch of the transport company or to the nearest delivery point.


The shipping costs for the products of the category “Decoration” and the category “Lighting” are 8 €. In these categories shipping is free for orders of € 100 and over.

Shipping costs for products in the “Furniture” category are calculated depending on the volume, weight and area where:

– In Thessaly, for orders of 900 € and over, the delivery and assembly is done with our truck and the assembly is done by our workshop.

-Out of Thessaly the costs are calculated after contacting us at 2410671052.

The products are sent within the physical limits of Greece, through the cooperating transport company-courier. The transport company delivers to the address you wish (home, work, etc.), except in cases of inaccessible areas where you receive your order from the nearest branch of the courier company or from the nearest possible delivery point. For shipments abroad, contact us at (+30) 2410671052.